Urban Legends

“This is a true story, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine.”
– Narrator, Freaky Stories

I am, of course, referring to Urban Legends, the stories that seem to circulate for generations around campfires or at sleepovers, the ones that always seem to happen to a friend of a friend of ours. Urban Legends used to thrill and frighten me and I’m sure many of you Freak Seekers out there but where did they come from and what makes them so popular still today?

The popularity of Urban Legends is in large part due to the fact that they are purported to be true stories and that they usually happened to a “friend of a friend”. They are also easily changed to suit the different regions the stories are told in. These personal touches add to the chills and thrills of hearing the story. These stories also served as cautionary or morality tales. In a sense they are used to ‘scare kids straight’ and warn them of the dangers of life.

In this section, you can read my interpretations of some of the creepier Urban Legends and also explore the possible origins of the stories. So sit back and enjoy as I tell you what happened to some friends of friends of mine…

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