"The blood is the life!"
- Dracula, Bram Stoker's Dracula

Vampires are probably one of the most well known monsters out there. Everyone has heard of them, lots of regions seem to have their own versions and lore and one of the most popular and well know story is that of Edward Cullen…Nah I’m just messing with ya, of course it’s Dracula.

While not the first work of fiction to involve vampires, Dracula is certainly the most iconic. It introduced us to the seductive side of horror and gave us a charming and suave monster which I think is infinitely more chilling than a generic slash-happy monster. Unfortunately, in recent years people have started focusing only on the seductive side of vampires and have removed any threat coughTwilightcough which has lead to a sort of “pussification” of vampires.

In this section of Freakosity, I hope to reintroduce you to the animalistic and scary side of the vampire. Vampires come in many shapes and sizes and while they may be seductive or charming, make no mistake they view us as food. And they have fangs damn it!

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