“For he reared at the sight of the Lady in White
And he paused in his mad career
She spoke and her words when he heard them aright
His blood curdled up with fear.”
– Unknown poem

Ghosts, in particular have long been an obsession of mine. Something about them is infinitely creepy and the mere thought of them sends shivers through my body. This may have had to do with some of my experiences as a child but you can read about that in the Freaky Stories section.

Ghosts are a fascinating phenomenon, chiefly because there are many different types of ways that they can manifest. Here are some of the types of ghosts that you can encounter:

This is a ghost that can either be seen or sensed. It is usually seen as an odd fog sometimes with a face seen. They may give off a feeling of unease, make noises or give off a smell such as perfume.

A Poltergeist is a very troublesome spirit and is normally invisible. They haunt people and places and cause loud noises, move furniture and break or move things.

Not necessarily a ghost per se but is believed to be a person’s double or twin. They are seen as bad luck and it is believed that if you come face to face with your doppelganger, it is an omen of your death.

This is known as a phantom double and is not sinister like the Doppelganger. It simply acts as a kind of personal déjà vu in that, it will say or do something before you do.

This refers to mysterious lights seen above marshes, swamps, bogs and graveyards. The lights are often described as ‘orbs’ or ‘balls of light’. In folklore, they are said to be spirits or faeries that lure travelers off of paths, and then leave them lost in darkness.

There are many hoaxes and Photo shopped images out there that discourage the existence of ghosts but, I have to admit, when I’m alone at night and I get a sudden feeling of unease and I feel the need to look over my shoulder, I believe. Oh how I believe.

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