Thursday, 15 March 2012

Lady in White

A white lady is a type of female ghost usually seen in rural areas and is usually associated with a local legend or tragedy. Legends of Ladies in White span the globe and a common theme to the stories is that of a lost loved one or betrayal by a fiancĂ© or husband. They are often thought to be a harbinger of death much like a banshee, ravens or the Black Shuck. In fact, in medieval times, the White Lady was said to appear in a person’s house day or night when someone was going to die and were believed to be the spirit of a dead ancestress.

One of the most famous Lady in White stories, is that of a young prom couple whose car crashes. The girl dies but the boy lives. Some motorists may catch a glimpse of her walking along the road, forever searching for her Prom date, her lost love.

Whether the White Lady is a death omen or simply a lost and lonely spirit, her story will continue to mystify and mesmerize us for all time.

Does your town have a White Lady legend? Feel free to share in the comments.

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